What Is Flexible Denture?

Removable denture made from a flexible, plastic material (nylon), which fits neatly into the mouth and is virtually invisible. This is a new type of denture and have recently found some popularity for the fabrication of partial dentures.


  • strong (unlike the acrylic denture which is break easily) and durable
  • very light, thinner and more flexible
  • the color blends in with the natural underlying tissue
  • do not contain chemical found in normal plastic

Why Flexible Denture Is Used?

  • Losing one or more teeth. Especially for front teeth because of its natural look.
  • Suitable for patient that allergic to acrylic or metal.

Post-Operative Care

  • Good oral hygiene must be done.
  • Make sure the denture is clean & keep it in water if it’s not in use.
  • Seek for dentist advice if the denture poor fit.

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